Within the project "Sustainable and inclusive Balanced Regional Development" funded by the Ministry of Local Self-Government and the Swiss Agency for development and cooperation, the Centre started the implementation of the second cycle of regional forum sessions within the open Grant scheme for investment projects of the planning regions in the area of ​​social inclusion for 2020.




The funds from the Grant Scheme will be allocated based on the level of underdevelopment of the regions. The maximum amount of funds that the South East region can receive, as a second region according its development, is 125,559.00  CHF.

Within the framework of the Grant scheme, the Centre is going to organize four forum sessions during which will be discussed the problems affecting the region and will be proposed solutions that will have be generated  and elaborated in project ideas / concepts for project proposals in the field of social inclusion.

At the first regional forum held on 31.01.2020 at hotel Sirius in Strumica, representatives of the municipalities, communities, Red Cross, NGOs, Centers for Social Work, business sector and other stakeholders in a participatory manner identified problems in the field of social inclusion and then suggested solutions that could be developed into project concepts.

The proposed solutions will be prepared in project proposals and presented by the working groups during the second forum session to be held on 07.02.2020 at Hotel Sirius, Strumica.



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