On 03.02.2020 in the offices of the Centre for development of the South-East planning region was held a training on „Digitization of the agriculture through the use of data from Agro-meteorological stations“, organized within the project "Agro-meteorological stations for protection of agricultural crops and the environment".





Participants in the training were the nominees from all 10 municipalities in the region which gave important contribution to the implementation of the project activities and representatives from the academic sector.

During the training, were discussed the functionality of the stations for the target groups (agricultural holdings, individual farmers, business and academic sector consultants and consultants), the use of data provided and displayed on the „Meteobot“ mobile app, reading of graphics for forecast models of diseases of certain crops that will be displayed on the website www.agrojug.mk as well as the way of maintaining all 7 sensors that are an integral part of each Agro-meteorological station.

Upon completion of the training, the Head of the Centre, Mrs. Gjurkova, awarded the participants with a Certificate of management and maintenance of the Agro-Meteorological stations located at several locations in all municipalities in the region.

After the implementation of the project, the stations will be handed over to all 10 municipalities from SEPR.



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