The Centre for development of the South-East planning region together with the company Trinity Systems from Skopje have organized three day training for operating with the Command Center supplied in the frame of the project „Integrated Operation Center for Providing Humanitarian Assistance – HELP“, co-financed by European Union and National Funds of the participating countries within the Interreg IPA Programme for cross border cooperation between Greece – Republic of North Macedonia 2014-2020.



The trainings were held on November 2, 11 and 12, 2020, combined, the first one in Strumica at the place where the Command Center itself is located, and the other two online through the ZOOM platform.

The purpose of these trainings was to acquaint all stakeholders about the functioning of the Command Center and the way of handling the equipment installed in it.

At the first training, the equipment placed inside was reviewed in detail, and the manner of opening and closing the additional part of the Cabin was presented through a video presentation. Training was also provided on the use of the satellite and radio station and training on the use of the alarm system. Participants in this training were representatives of the Crisis Management Center from Skopje as well as from the Regional Centers from the South-East region.

At the second training, a presentation of the software application made for the needs of the project and the functioning of the Command Center was made. This training was intended for users, i.e. representatives of the Crisis Management Center and they were introduced to the Incident Management Software, its general and specific functionalities, and it was all rounded off with a practical exercise.

The third day of the training held on 12.11.2020 was divided into three parts. In the first part, a training was held for the administrators of the software system, in the second part a pilot action was organized where based on the set scenario the functionality of the system was tested in real circumstances, i.e. in flood conditions. The third part of this training was intended for presentation of the Command Center to other local stakeholders (municipalities, NGOs, fire fighting units, Red Cross, Directorate for Protection and Rescue) who should also use it in case of natural disasters and it is necessary to get acquainted with the installed equipment and how it is used.

By the end of the project an info day is planned to be organized, where the general public will be informed about the activities and results of the project, as well as a two-day pilot action where the Command Centers on both sides of the border and their connection between the two will be presented and tested in front of all stakeholders.



Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA) is part of the package for external relations. IPA and other elements of the package are a great opportunity for streamlining and simplifying the procedures of the European Commission and improving the coherence and coordination of the activities of the Commission.

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