The activities for the project "Construction of a local road connecting the villages Murtino and Ednokukjevo in the length of 1.387 meters - the second phase” are underway.

The construction of the local road from the village Murtino to the village Ednokukjevo to the final phase - paving will be of great importance for the citizens of these two settlements, because greater cooperation between the municipalities, as well as improvement of the local economic and tourist development will be achieved.


The project is implemented by the Centre for development of the South-East Planning Region, financed through the Programme for Balanced Regional Development for 2017, through the Ministry of Local Self-Government, Bureau for balanced regional development, from where 3.400.417,00 denars are provided, while the Municipality of Strumica as a partner of the project participates with contribution of 2.178.372,00 denars. The second partner of the project is Municipality of Bosilovo.

This road is part of the road network of the Municipality of Strumica and extends from the exit of the village of Murtino to the entrance of the village of Ednokukjevo in Мunicipality of Bosilovo. The road is five meters wide, constructed according to all standards for roads and it is expected to be completed by the end of April 2018.


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