On April 13, 2018 two Agreements for financing activities for stimulating balanced regional development between the Center for development of the South-East planning region and the Ministry of Local Self-Government were signed.

With funds provided within the framework of the project "Sustainable and Inclusive Balanced Regional Development", supported by the Swiss Government, this year will be organized many activities among which forum sessions that will include the residents of the municipalities in the South-East planning region.


Through inclusive approach, the regional priorities will be defined, as a result of the participating of the citizens in the forum sessions. handshakeDuring the forum sessions, all participants will decide which project in the planning region will be financed in the next phase, for which funds have already been provided with the support of the Swiss government. 

The aim is to raise awareness of a common approach in resolving regional issues, involving not only local authorities, but also citizens. 

The project is financially supported by the Government of the Swiss Confederation represented by the Federal Department for Foreign Affairs, acting through the Swiss Embassy in the Republic of Macedonia / Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation and the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, represented by the Ministry of Local Self-Government.



Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA) is part of the package for external relations. IPA and other elements of the package are a great opportunity for streamlining and simplifying the procedures of the European Commission and improving the coherence and coordination of the activities of the Commission.

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