In Radovis and Strumica within the project "Restoration of Strumica river basin", financed by the Swiss Agency for development and cooperation, workshops were held on management of agrobusiness for the 30 grantees, recipients of equipment worth 300.000 denars.

The purpose of these workshops was the grantees to gain knowledge of agrobusiness that will enable them to grow into successful managers and entrepreneurs, to ease the way for finding customers and to sell the crops produced.

Communication and sales skills were some of the topics in order for grantees to learn that the way of communication, following the body language, quality service and adjusting the desires of customers are key factors for success in personal selling.

The advantages of forms of cooperation and association of farmers through cooperatives were presented in order to overcome problems with the placement and become stronger in the market, to improve their bargaining power and to standardize the quality of products.

At the last workshop, the topic of marketing skills and public relations was elaborated, where farmers were introduced how to produce in the most efficient way, how to apply marketing in gardening and orcharding, marketing instruments, and how to make SWOT analysis.

Farmers also received information on developing a business plan through which they will be able to see the costs of production, profit or loss from the sale of products, and on the basis of those information they can plan their work.

Through interactivity, exercises, discussion and by sharing personal experiences of farmers, these workshops will contribute to the promotion of sales, greater market competitiveness and profitability.


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