On May 30, 2018 in the premises of the House of Army in Strumica, before representatives of the private sector from the South-East planning region was presented the current public call for co-financing of project proposals for small and medium enterprises.

The public call was announced by the Fund for Innovation and Technological Development on 28.04.2018 through which it is provided financial support to small and medium enterprises through the following instruments:


  1. Co-financed grants for small and medium-sized enterprises with a tendency of rapid growth ("Gazeli");
  2. Co-financed grants for micro-enterprises;
  3. Co-financed grants to improve innovation;
  4. Co-financed grants for vocational training and practice for newly employed young people.

The aim of the Informative session was to present the public call for submission of project proposals within the third pillar of the Government's Economic Growth Plan of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, to clarify the criteria for participation and the necessary documentation for the application. The attendees of the session had also the opportunity to ask questions in an open discussion.

The deadline for applying for the public call is 11.06.2018.

The Informative session was organized by representatives from the South-East planning region in cooperation with representatives of the Fund for Innovations and Technological Development.

Find more information about the open call here: http://www.fitr.mk/


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