Two vehicles were purchased for the project "Construction of two shelters for homeless animals" in the South-East planning region, more precisely in Strumica and Valandovo, which the Мayors of the South-East planning region selected as the first priority of the region. The project is funded by the Ministry of Local Self-Government - the Bureau for Regional Development, and the shelters built through this project will have the responsibility to take care of the dogs from all over the region.



On 28.06.2019, in the premises of the Municipality of Strumica, handover of the two vehicles for catching and transporting stray dogs from the South-East region was carried out, which were delivered by the Contractor to the Centre for development of the South-East planning region. The vehicles were handed over to the President of the Council of the SEPR, Mr. Kosta Janevski by the Manager of the CDSEPR, Ms. Zhulieta Gjurkova. One of them will be used in Strumica and Radovish micro region, and the other vehicle in the Gevgelija-Valandovo micro region.

The vehicles are currently in property of the Centre for development of the SEPR and at the next Session of the Council of the South-East Planning Region with a Decision they will be given for permanent use and maintenance of the Municipalities of Strumica and Valandovo, where the shelters will be located. The main goal of the project is to improve the safety of the citizens in the South-East planning region by protecting and sheltering the homeless animals in the region.

In the meantime, the Centre is working on the preparation of a Study for sustainable management of Shelters and welfare of stray animals in the SEPR, which will serve to establish an appropriate model for the sustainable further management of the shelters.

The construction of the shelter in Valandovo is in the initial phase, while the shelter in Strumica is fully built and at the moment the contractor is working on the connection of the water supply and sewage network. At the end of August, at the latest in September, the complete furniture and equipment should arrive, and after that the shelter will be fully functional and can be put into operation.



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