The Centre for development of the South-East planning region within the project "Agro-meteorological stations for protection of agricultural crops and the environment" has started with the installment of the Agrometeorological stations in the identified locations in the region.

The role of these stations is to measure the weather forecasts that farmers will receive on their own phones through mobile application as well as disease alerts that appear on a particular crop for which disease forecast software will be installed.




Beside the benefit for facilitation of the agricultural production process, the project will also have additional educational value by installing of the part of the stations on agricultural areas used by the public schools in the region for practical educational purposes.

Therefore, the first Agrometeorological station was installed in Valandovo on an agricultural land owned by the public High School „Goce Delchev“, planted with a wine grapes.

The practical classes will be also modernized for the students of the High School „Dimitar Vlahov“ in Strumica, which will be installed Agrometeorological station that the professors and students will use in their practical classes.

Within the project, representatives of the municipalities will receive a Certificate on managing and using the stations, and in cooperation with all municipalities and the economic operator, in each municipality the Centre will organize information days for farmers and all interested parties in order to convey the importance of the data that will be measured through stations and how to improve crop cultivation and environmental protection by using forecasts and alerts for diseases.

This project is financed through the Grant scheme for investment projects of the planning regions for 2019 by the Ministry of Local-Self Government and the Swiss Agency for development and cooperation.




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