Planning for regional development in the South – East represents one of the fundamental steps towards fulfilling the mission of the regional centre for development. In addition, the centre for regional development in the South-East region marks the beginning of the process for identification, promotion, management and utilizing developmental potentials of the South – East planning region.

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  1. Revision of the main project for construction of “Konsko” dam with adjacent objects
  2. Elaboration of a project with preliminary design for directing part of Smiljanska River in “Mantovo” accumulation
  3. Integrated approach to development of tourism in the South-East planning region
  4. Paljurci – cohesion between natural beauty and primeval past
  5. Support the employment of women and young
  6. Revitalization of the coast of Dojran Lake – Star Dojran
  7. The Balkan Velo Trail
  8. Reconstruction and reparation of the local road axis from the interchange Karbino, M-6 (Strumica – Shtip) to the populated place Dobrashinci
  9. Establishment of Cross-border Network mong Municipal Experts on Projects and Programmes in the Cross-border Region "PM - NET"
  10. Arranging the area around Smolare waterfall in the zone of active management
  11. Establishment of regional Centre for Certificationin the South-East planning region
  12. Paljurci – Amphitheatre
  13. Construction of a part of a local road from v. Bansko-municipality of Strumica to v. Monospitovo-municipality of Bosilovo
  14. Arranging the area around monastery sites St. George in v. Oraovica and St. Stefan in v. Konche
  15. Efficient usage of solar energy for better future - SP-FUTURE
  16. Industrial zones and commercial roads in the cross border area - Zones and Roads
  17. Improving of road network for development of rural cross border area - AGRAS
  18. Regional Business Center - Gevgelija
  19. "TOWARDS THE FUTURE" - Study on the potential and utilization of renewable energy sources in the cross border region
  20. Increasing of traffic safety on the motorway M-6 (v. Bosilevo – v. Turnovo) through the construction of sidewalks and regulatory acceptance of surface and storm water

  21. Preparation of technical documentation for construction of local road v. Borievo – v. Koleshino in length of 6,3 km

  22. Improving the road network in the area s. Dobroshinci - Regional landfill JIR - dam "Turija" - s. Nivichino

  23. Construction of photovoltaic modules system in 10 municipal schools

  24. Water for life: Restoration of Strumica river basin
  25. Improvement of the Energy Efficiency of 10 public buildings in the South-East planning region
  26. Mountains speak and connect us
  27. Improving the conditions for quality life and security of the citizens from the settlements crossed by the roads A4, p1105 and R1102 in the SEPR
  28. Improving the quality of life of young people in rural areas in the South-East Region
  29. EU LEADER approach in the Municipalities from the South-East region
  30. Business center for support and consultative services for small and medium enterprises in the South-East planning region
  31. Reconstruction and adaptation of buildings intended for Cultural homes in v. Stojakovo – M. Bogdanci, v. Radovo – M. Bosilovo and v. Rakitec – M. Konche
  32. "Networking of SMEs from Creative Industry in Cross Border Region" – PARK
  33. Innovation means to promote the tourism in the region
  34. Arranging a part of the area around Gabrovo Waterfalls – M. Strumica, Smrdliva voda – M. Gevgelija, Smolare and Koleshino Waterfalls – M. Novo Selo to enrich the tourist offer in the South-East region
  35. Preparation of Regional Plan with ten municipal plans for integrated waste management in the South-East planning region
  36. Development of the road infrastructure through construction of bridge to connect the rural areas in the municipalities of Bosilovo, Novo Selo and Strumica
  37. Arranging the area along the coast of Dojran Lake in v. Nikolikj, Municipality of Dojran
  38. THINK COMPOSTING – Dedication to the organic full circle
  39. South East Europe Urban Resilience Building Action Network
  40. Construction of a local road that connects the villages Murtino and Ednokukjevo in length - 1,387 meters - second phase
  41. Construction of part of the road between the settlements Chanaklija and Nova Maala in length of 1 km
  42. Construction of sewage system for fecal waste water in Star Dojran on St. Veljko Vlahovic and part of St. Nikola Karev
  43. Installing of urban equipment of Kochulski Waterfalls
  44. Expanding the functions of the Centres for development of the planning regions towards the implementation of activities/services for support of the private sector
  45. Horticultural and urban arrangement of a part of the lake shore and formation of a lake beach in Dojran
  46. Tourist trail from nature to culture on Plavush Mountain
  47. Reconstruction of road from the crossroad of the village Dobrashinci to dam Turija from KM 0 + 0000 to KM 0 + 800 in Municipality of Vasilevo


Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA) is part of the package for external relations. IPA and other elements of the package are a great opportunity for streamlining and simplifying the procedures of the European Commission and improving the coherence and coordination of the activities of the Commission.

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The South-East region

Native RTL SupportThe established planning regions correspond to the statistical regions defined by the nomenclature of territorial units for statistics NTES-3, in order to provide a statistical basis for planning the development.

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The council of the region

Ultimate Browsers SupportEach planning regions has its own established Council. The members of the Council for development of the planning region are the Mayors from the local governments within the region.

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Мunicipalities in the region

Docs and Support10 Municipalities from the Republic of Macedonia are part of the South – East planning region: Bogdanci, Bosilovo, Valandovo, Vasilevo, Gevgelija, Dojran, Konche, Novo Selo, Radovish and Strumica.

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